Chatroom nudes

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I arranged myself on the thick carpet in my bedroom, took a photo with my Web cam, and sent it. I couldn’t fathom any repercussions to my behavior, not at that moment, not at that age. People made comments of the variety you’d expect, some nice, some not so nice, and then the conversation trotted along.

Last weekend, my baby niece — who is now 17 — told me that at her high school, trading sexy photos is as common as trading Instagram handles.

I can’t believe I have been sending nudes for 13 years. I am going to remember that if some punk kid ever says something to me about my age or something.

“Kid, I have been sending nudes before you were born.” At first it was a little nerve-racking.

Now, I send them whenever the mood strikes, or I feel like I look especially great.I sent it to people who were probably 3,000 miles away in New York, because I rarely have sexual encounters with people on the West Coast. people whom I had just worked with and people whom I may have had sex with or whom I was possibly going to in the future?Not having much sexual release makes you take photos and send them to people, right?She doesn’t participate in the exchanges, she says, because these days, everything is forever. My photo mostly went away, but hers wouldn’t evaporate so easily.I’ve long been interested in how technology mediates desire and the way that our phones, an extension of ourselves, foster intimate interactions that feel so personal and deep, despite being relayed through a machine.

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