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Apenas para que, quando os voltar a abrir, neles vejas o secreto brilho que guardo só para ti. Rasgar os medos, os sustos, deixar que o vapor quente do meu sangue se sinta na perdição da noite.

Completing the circle started by his ancestor, the 6th Lord, he was one of the last guests received by George Washington at Mount Vernon before the first president’s death in 1799.

By the time Albert Kirby Fairfax succeeded as 12th Lord in 1900, aged 30, the family had essentially forgotten about the title.

However, in a fairytale twist, Albert was later found to be the rightful heir and confirmed in the title by the Committee for Privileges of the House of Lords in 1908.

Wasting no time, he was naturalised as a British subject the same year and in 1917 elected one of 16 Scottish Representative Peers in the House of Lords, where he remained until his death in 1939.

He was succeeded by his eldest son Thomas, who took the family’s parliamentary career a step further after being elected a Representative Peer in 1945, serving as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Lord President of the Council (Lord Woolton and Lord Salisbury, respectively) from 1951 to 1953 and to the Minister of Materials (Lord Woolton) between 19, as well as serving as Lord-in-Waiting (government whip) between 19. His son Nicholas, the 14th Lord, is a barrister and director of British-Georgian Soc. In another fairytale twist, though with not quite so happy an ending, Maine construction worker Rick Wortley was in 1987 named 5th Earl of Wharncliffe as a distant relation of the 4th Earl, Alan James Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie.

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