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Strother Suttle who has served five years in the Continental Army with reputation and declared as he is desirous to continue to serve his country and would accept an ensign's commission if such officers are wanting in out line. Suttle to our Excellency as a gentleman qualified go fill such a post.

I have the honor Sir to be your obedient servant and your humble servant.

He was appointed lieutenant colonel commandant of the 14th Virginia on April 6, 1778 and was promoted to Colonel retroactive to March 20, 1778.

He was wounded in action at the Battle of Monmouth on June 28 of the same year.

In the resulting, Battle of Cowpens, Morgan's plan worked and the Americans ultimately conducted a double envelopment which crushed Tarleton's command.

Routing the enemy, Morgan won perhaps the Continental Army's most decisive tactical victory of the war and inflicted over 80% casualties on Tarleton's command.

Dan Morgan." Colonel William Davies of the 1st Virginia writes on page two obviously to Jefferson, "The Officers in general object the admission of a gentleman into the regiment without their consent. Suttle's appoinment should omit the regiment altogether and leave him to be disposed of after he joins the army which is the case of many young officers.

William Davies Colonel." General Daniel Morgan (July 6, 1736 - July 6, 1802) was an American pioneer, solider, and politician from Virginia.

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He was recalled to duty in 1794 to help suppress the Whiskey Rebellion, and commanded a portion of the army that remained in Western Pennsylvania after the rebellion.He was captured at Fort Washington on November 16, 1776 and was later paroled.He was promoted to major in the 7th Virginia Regiment on March 22, 1777 and to lieutenant colonel of the 22nd Virginia on February 21, 1778.He became an officer of the Virginia militia and recruited a company of soldiers at the start of the Revolutionary War.Early in the war, Morgan served in Benedict Arnold's expedition ot Quebec and in the Saratoga Campaign.

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