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Displays of any types of affection, anger or emotions in Nepal are discouraged.While you may notice that people of the same sex are very affectionate, men hugging or walking with arms or hands linked and the same for women, any displays of affection between the sexes is not done in public.Pointing using your fingers is considered very rude, use your chin instead and point quickly with your chin in the direction you are referring to, with a tilt back of the head.The head is the most sacred part of the body for Buddhist, so avoid touching anyone’s head.In Nepal, when someone is agreeing or stating yes, they were tilt/ shake their head side to side. Be aware that to be polite Nepalese will respond ‘yes’ to most questions.To avoid confusion in the workplace, it is best to steer clear of using ‘yes/ no’ questions, but to ask for clarification or details.These kinds of questions may seem over-personal to Canadians, but are casual conversation topics for Nepalese.Nepalese love to talk about different types of cuisine as well, so any food-related topics are great conversation starters.

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Everyone has their own opinion about politics, and generally enjoy talking about their political views.

Hand shaking is not the norm in Nepal, particularly between members of the opposite sex.

It is best to let any hand shaking be initiated by your Nepalese counterpart especially if you are a woman.

Each and every meeting in Nepal begins and ends with the traditional saying ‘Namaste’ with hands in prayer like gesture (palms together and fingers upright at chest level) and a slight head nod (translated, I salute the God in you).

When meeting those of higher rank, the term Namaskar may also be used; this is much more formal and reverent.

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