Dating stress

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Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps in the world.Even if you haven’t used it, you’ve likely heard of it.I’d drive myself crazy over hypotheticals and the impossibly high expectations of a person I hadn’t even met yet.Through all of that, I had failed to consider the most important question: I asked Kara about practical ways to overcome and approach dating stress differently.

Sure, the profile picture played a role but not in the major way that Tinder does.

It may feel cheesy, but sometimes putting pen to paper is surprisingly effective, and the repetition can help cement what you know to be true, even if you don’t always Kara says brains are pattern-making machines.

“We know from neuroscience and psychology research that the brain sees what it looks for.

Likewise, you can feel guilty for swiping left, knowing that if they swipe right and no connection is opened they know you’ve swiped the opposite way.

It’s possible to miss a potentially amazing relationship by swiping the wrong way.

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