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They finally made it home and just got these T-shirts as a gift: The background image is a real photo of the protesters who took over the airport in Bangkok.You can read more about their experience here and here.To start things off, we’d like to share the best Christmas present we’ve seen this year.Our friends Dave and Jen Sims got stuck in Thailand for an extra week after Thanksgiving due to the protests that closed the Bangkok airport.A lifelong fan of superhero comics, old adventure strips and science fiction, in the 1960s he parlayed a dead-end writing career into a successful life as a bookseller and retailer.Established in downtown Toronto in 1967, Memory Lane Books became a mecca for generations of comic fans and is considered Canada's first comic book store.And all my love to my partner, Jon Bailiff, for enhancing and abetting my single-minded determination to post, post, post without concern for any other daily affairs! In addition to I just released my first Kindle ebooks.

It's such a thrill to get this much instant feedback that I'm having a hard time taking the needle out of my arm. Thanks especially to Mark Frauenfelder, for grace and endurance as my line editor.They've been described as a "geek couple tag team" by our friend Gareth Branwyn.Shawn is the managing editor for both MAKE and CRAFT magazines, while Bruce blogs occasionally for Geek Dad, is the editor of the Coverleaf blog and the Bright Hub Mac Channel, and does editing and consulting work for several internet companies.I'm your friendly neighborhood sewing columnist at magazine, and you'll be seeing my Valentine embroidery tips on the newsstands any day now.I'd love to take another sewing workshop with Sandra Betzina this winter, and of course I'll continue to worship at the feet of my fiber-arts guru, Jill Sanders. Obama may have his controversial Inauguration, but I'll be holding my own Sexual State of the Union address!

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