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February 7, 2017: Twitter is having a MELTDOWN as we speak – after actress Nia Long posted a pic of her teenage son Massai and his date to the winter formal.The two teenagers looked cute in their pic, but people on Twitter were UPSET – because they were in an interracial relationship.," though other reports contradicted her testimony.A few weeks later, the boy, Emmett Till, was beaten beyond recognition and died three days later.I’ve read in a book that when a black man insults black women and instead chooses a white woman he is unconsciously reinforcing his own inferiority. I’m not entertainment So many white people see black men as entertainment, like they’re comedians, some black men feel it’s their role and start acting like Kevin Hart at the drop of a hat to get a few laughs, some will even insult their own blackness or become a stereotype to become more comfortable. They are in direct competition with black women and many will say things like I don’t have attitude upon meeting them, because they’ve heard the stereotype that all black women have attitude, I’ve heard white women with black friends say this many times.8. Black women are the shhhhhhhhhh In my experience black women are so down, supportive, intelligent, forgiving and beautiful, I’d be crazy not to want to date them.With a black woman I can just be myself and take off the mask I wear out in the white world, with a black woman I am always seen as fully human. I don’t have to try to be ‘the good black man’ I can just be me.According to black psychiatrist Dr Levin some black men find it hard to connect with black women because they serve as a symbol of their own failure as men, a white woman is acceptance into a white world and a soothing lotion for their pride and ego, they can imagine he is equal to the white man.

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Now that I am a mom of a black boy, this conversation about black men dating white women has once again fallen into my lap.And while we are far removed from the Jim Crow South, we aren’t far removed from the institutionalized racism on which this country was built.I will warn him that when it comes time to have children, they might be teased for being biracial.I wanted her to be just as angry as I was, not just because a black boy was shot but a human being but they rarely seemed to care.Then one day a wise white woman was kind enough to explain to me what the deal was.

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