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I definately could have used more drag points to get it closer, but its not bad.Flipped the foil over and normalized it XFoil wasnt happy about this one.I've been playing around with free CFD lately, so I thought I'd blog it up.I think we need a wing thread/section anyway :-) First off, I found an online textbook for intro to airfoils.Lucky for me, I landed right near the optimum flap angle from the get go, so optimizing was pretty easy.I did 5 flap iterations, maximizing the slot for eash setup.i left the TE's open in both the following models for this reason.i found profiles for APR GTC300 and Kognition's wing.

If this is the case on the real wing, running a less-than-max setup should allow you to run less AOA and mount the wing higher.

AFAIK, both work fine for refining/maximizing foils, although stall behavior varies (again, inviscid vs viscous).

Long story short, do everything you can in XFoil, and use Java Foil as a backup.

It fails to converge with small irregularities, and crashes kind of a lot.

Java Foil never complains, but results are optimistic (Inviscid analysis = more lift and less drag).

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