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But everything takes a turn when she has a bad run-in with her next door neighbor (a pop star in hiding), drinks with an old schoolmate (a handsome webtoon artist who has a crush on her), and gets into a car accident with a friend (who coincidentally works for the pop star).After spending his entire life in all-male schools till high school, Mingu finally enters college.Timid Dong-gyun admires not only Alex’s ripped body, but his candor in sharing his sexual experiences with viewers. She has a caring boyfriend, a job she actually enjoys, and all the comforts she could hope for.One night, Dong-gyun downs too many drinks at a school networking event and passes out. It's not until she meets her new boss, that she starts to wonder if something isn't...missing.He knows his brother is dead, but he can’t help but hope, maybe, just’s his brother playing his favorite song. “If I ever catch you playing the piano again...that’ll be the end of you.” And with that begins their story, as unpredictable and visceral as jazz This one’s for all the girls out there just trying to get some proper D.When he slams open the door, however, he finds Seheon, the new transfer student, at the piano. Mirim may be a bartender, but she doesn’t really have the ear to listen to her customers’ woes...But there’s more to Young-do the gangster than meets the eye; he’s different, too.

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Hyunmi’s a professional consultant by day, and a professional wingwoman by night. Pyo Min is your average hetero dude in college: he likes his meat, never really has any money, and he really likes girls. After a night of too many drinks, he realizes that not only does he have it in him to sleep with the same sex, he...really likes it.Broken and lost, all Giju wants is to lead a quiet life.The last thing he needs is to get involved with a gangster.And why is everyone at Wooyeon’s agency related to him?Meanwhile, Wooyeon can’t figure out Taeho doesn’t adore him like everyone else.

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