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Hanks spends the entire movie chasing down Di Caprio and is often one step behind the crafty Abagnale.Both characters work well together on screen, and it’s a dramatic movie with some good comedic breaks.The story was meant to be shocking, Jackson later said, forcing readers to see “the pointless violence and general inhumanity in their own lives.”“Everyday Use” is one of Walker’s early, well-known stories, published in the collection In Love and Trouble. (Or read "Janus" now to tide you over.)A haunting glimpse of the holocaust, “The Shawl” is one of Ozick’s most well-known works.

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This true American classic incensed readers when it was first published in The New Yorker.The cinema is a great place to unwind and take a break from real life, but sometimes a great movie is actually based on a true story.A great movie doesn’t always need high action scenes and over the top comedy.Tom Cruise's glide across the hardwood floor still stands as one of the genre's iconic sights, though it has somewhat overshadowed the fact that the film itself remains a rollicking saga of what happens when you leave a teenage boy at home, alone, with access to a Porsche and a call girl who looks like Rebecca De Mornay.not only made sexual hijinks seem sweet — because hey, who doesn't want to see the underdog score? is a reasonably junky affair (albeit one that made considerable money during its theatrical release) that's elevated to sex-comedy greatness via the participation of the woman, the legend, the all-time Skinemax queen herself, Shannon Tweed.

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